Who we are

Ki NGELEY is Public Relations agency that effectively builds a loyal clientele for organizations by managing relationships between organizations and their publics. Our expertise lie in brand communication where we offer corporates effective communicate to their target audience ;what channels to use and when to use them with regard to sport and event management.

Ki NGELEY seeks to provide strategic counsel, creative solution and timely responsive communication services to our diversified clients.

We Stimulate Professionalism & Excellence in our work, Commitment& Loyalty to our clients, Integrity & Honesty in our communications and Accountability in everything we are involved in.


  • There is no problem that will arise in your business that cannot be solved if you have US by your side *access to the right talent and skill*
  • With that in mind, Ki NGELEY offers specialized training forums for you. The services are all rounded to ensure that the employer, employee and the customer are all satisfied in their chain of economy.
  • We avoid defining our worth because everything does not need to be talked about and help you get out of your own way to success
  • We tend to obsess on things that we love about ourselves and we believe that loyalty is a two way street.
  • Every company has multiple stake holder groups i.e. investors, shareholders, customers, employees, local communities and even the media. How these groups perceive and adopt the message you deliver is critical to building your brand value. We think different to give your brand the command it deserves.

To provide strategic counsel,creative solution and timelyresponsive communication servicesto our clients


To be the leading communications training firm in East Africa attaining loyalty to and for our clients through sports & Events.