Communication and Marketing

KiNGELEY helps build awareness of companies, products, services, people, and issues among audiences and key influencers, creating companies identity in the industry, media and community surrounding their clients. We improve product visibility, overcome buyer inertia and remove negative perceptions from the public through effective communication

The Tools

  • Communication& marketing Audit & Advisory
  • Corporate Responsibility Programs
  • Company & product Rebrand
  • Route to Market & activations
  • Digital Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Promotional Material
  • ``If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.``


    Creative at Kingeley

    We focus on helping you gain a creative advantage.

    In a world where consumers are bombarded with communications, we help your brand stand out from the crowd, and cut through the media clutter with ease. Whether you need a fully integrated campaign or a one-off strategy, we give you the creative to effectively deliver the results you’re looking for

    Creative is where the magic happens.

    This is where ideas are born, concepts are workshopped and thought-provoking concepts are made. Creative is where we plan, draw and sculpt the foundations and contents of your business; weaving together clever words and eye-catching visuals that help tell your story to customers. Kingeley is ready to craft your vision and formulate award-winning ideas

    ``Creativity does not wait for the perfect moment. It fashions its own moments out of ordinary ones.``

    Bruce Garrabrandt



    We seek to provide strategic counsel, creative solutions, and timely responsive communication services to our clients.

    We take pride in exceptional organization skills, superb interpersonal skills, multi-tasking skills, and excellent time- management we bring your event to life.

    We develop event master plans and concepts and ensure that event branding and communication is top-notch as well as event logistics, guaranteeing you a world-class event

    We create event awareness and publicity so that our clients can achieve ROI from the event while working closely with all stakeholders to ensure all-around inclusivity.