Ki NGELEY offers training to companies to improve their customer service, digital media usage and staff relations, which in turn ensures effective communication hence increased loyalty from their clients.

Ki NGELEY helps build awareness of companies, products services people and issues among audiences and key influencers, creating companies identity in the industry, media and community surrounding their clients.

We improve product visibility, overcome buyer inertia and remove negative perceptions on the part of the public through effective training of the customer service team.

We provide honest and accurate information in times of crisis so as justice, and the truth can comeout while protecting the image of our client.



Sports are sheer, unadulterated fun! When tens of thousands of fans walk into a stadium
or arena wearing the same colors they are part of something bigger than themselves.
Friendships are formed that last decades for some, and for others it’s the catalyst needed
to start a real conversation with a new neighbor.

Sports for some is just a cool experience, but for others it’s much more than that. To some fans
the experience of being part of something fills a hole in their lives. It provides moments
of tension and excitement with regularity and intensity like no other entertainment or activity.
We love the feeling of being amazed, and sports delivers it.

“One bitter cold Sunday, an old farmer trudged for miles through a blizzard to reach the small mountain church he attended. No one else showed up,except the preacher. Looking around the empty pews, the clergy man leaned over the pulpit and suggested to his lone congregant that it hardly seemed worth proceeding with the service with such a low turnout. Perhaps we’d do better is we returned to our nice, warm homes and had a hot drink,’ he said in a tone that blatantly encouraged the old farmer to agree. The old farmer looked at the preacher and said, ‘I’m just a simple farmer, but when I go to feed my herd, if only one cow shows up, I sure don’t let her go hungry.’ The preacher felt embarrassed and a bit guilty, so he conducted the entire service – hymns, readings announcements and a sermon. The whole thing lasted over an hour. After the service, he said to the farmer, ‘I hope that met your needs.’ The farmer said, ‘I’m just a simple farmer, but when I go to feed my herd, if only one cow turns up, I sure don’t force her to eat everything I brought for the lot of them.’”

Moral of the Story :
It’s important to adjust what information you deliver and how you deliver it
based on who’s on the receiving end.


Each Organization’s aim is to communicate the same message to all its stakeholders, and create a positive aggregate perceptions of the organization’s ability to fulfill their expectations.

Through our activations, we assist Organizations to transmit coherence, credibility and ethics whether these stakeholders are interested in buying the company’s products, working for the company, or investing in the company’s shares.

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  • External Communications: roadshows, market storms, mall activations
  • Media Planning, Reporter Relationship cultivation and Outreach
  • Media Training for spokespeople
  • Internal Communications: Sales prepositions and plan
  • Community relations


A strong image cannot be imitated. Corporate brands reflect the company’s core values, personality and mission. The company image is a key decisive factor when it comes to buyer power in purchase. A strong brand needs to connect with the emotional side of the clients

  • Marketing Material Branding and Signages
  • Promotional materials
  • Corporate gifting
  • Paper Printing

Because there is never an end in branding. Just like we rarely finished our pencils in preschool.

We prefer to do it and let people talk about it.

We master in developing a promise, making that promise and maintaining it.

Our aim as Ki NGELEY to your organization is to convey brand message vividly, create customer loyalty, persuade the buyer for the product, and establish an emotional connectivity with the customers.

There is an African proverb that says …”He who is chasing an elephant should never stop on the way to throw stones at birds.” Ki NGELEY throws stones at the birds while still chasing the elephant.

We deliver messages, generate media coverage and create experiences and engage audiences. Through events, the news media, social channels, bloggers and celebrity endorsement, we develop effective and creative ways to reach and engage with your consumers.

When the described “birds” are out of our way we have the elephant on the trap and struggle to keep it there.

By studying the brand, identifying the target audience, devising the event concept, planning the logistics and coordinating the technical aspects of various digital platforms, we customize the concepts to our clients need without watering down the standards that are set by the industry.

Digital Event Photography

Online profile is the window that opens the public to the organization before the public get to see what the organization is all about. How you present yourself to clients online will determine if the person will reach out to the physical address or not. We provide the client with timely high-end photography for your event.

Digital content videography
Online reputation management and Influencer relations
How people perceive your organization matters, positive image should not be a compromise at any time. We will enhance the creation of good relations between the organization in the social media platform through engaging content creation on your tab.

Cultivating a strong online community can pay off with increased visibility, customer loyalty and powerful branding.